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Information for Those Selling or Licensing Patents.

ROTH Patent Valuation

If you want to sell your patent you should know what its worth. While we cant give you a dollar number we can give you something that correlates with what you are likeley to be able to earn from selling or licensing your patent. The more developed an invention is the easier it is to sell and the more money it brings. This simple test which you can take in 5 minutes will help you understand how developed your invention is. Just follow the instructions below, take the test and we will do the rest

To access our ROTH patent valuation tool click here and you will taken to a form with 10 questions. Rate your invention on each of the 10 dimensions, choosing the letter code from the top of the attached table that best fits your invention. Then choose the proper letter from the drop down list for each question and hit the submit key. An email will be sent to ITTr and we will then score your invention and send you the results. Please note that you must fill in an email address or we will not be able to return the results of the ROTH scoring to you.

ROTH Form ROTH_Table001

Learn about ITTrifecta's unique ICF brokering process


ITTr brokering attempts to find and buyer- seller principals only.

We do not provide legal or contract assistance.  We

  • Identify - Parties who may be interested in what you have to sell drawing from a variety of sources.
  • Contact those parties to determine which of them are interested in your offering and in what aspects of it, also what additional information they may need to decide to move further.
  • Facilitate Negotiations-- This means introducing you to the interested parties, arranging the meetings, providing information needed by both sides in what can be a series of contacts over an extended period of time. It takes continuous attention to keep these prospective deals going.   We do not include  dealing with legal or contract issues in what we do. It is up to you what you want price you want to ask and whether you want to accept or reject an offer from an interested party.

  1.  All agreements are under New York State jurisdiction
  1. We invite you to contact ITTr on any question regarding the above.



ITTr does not buy the technology from seller at an artificially low price and sell it a higher price. The price for the technology is negotiated between buyer and seller for which ITTr charges a commission only if a sale is made or option is taken.

ITTr will work with the seller to determine a profile of companies to contact. ITTr will:

  1. Mail and call to that list.
  2. Report the follow up.
  3. Call the appropriate person for information dialogue.
  4. Continue until Buyer and Seller agree to meet the parties.
  5. Be present at the closing of the sale.

For More Information on Our Commission on Sales, Options and Licenses Click Here