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We help you find the technology you need.

Save on your R&D Costs-- Start with something that has already been developed

Many companies are looking for revenues from new products. But R&D is an expensive time consuming process. If you need something sooner, why start from scratch. Take a look at the Patents Available for License on technologies that have been thoroughly researched by leading scientists and engineers at top notch universities. Perhaps one of those patents aligns with your product development plans. Even if you don't see what you want there, we may be able to find it through our exensive network of contacts with Universities and private inventors. Contact us and lets talk about how we can help you

The Patent Buyer may visualize the process from the following.


What ITTr brings to the table is the ability to sift through a mountain of patents and find the seller that has the technology a buyer is looking for.

Buyers are looking for the benefits that your technology offers..not the technology itself


This table shows an example of a real ICF process which began with 1228 patents and ended up with negotiations on a single patent. The arrows show how the process proceeded. The WHO column tells who did the work to progress from one step to the next. ICF Process Example

Over the past five years, interest in technology patents has steadily increased among potential buyers; by three primary types of buyers have helped drive this interest:

1. Operating companies largely motivated by defensive needs (e.g. litigation) and sometimes strategic purposes (e.g. entering new markets).
2. Financial investors hedge funds and special-purpose entities focused on maximizing their return on investment in patent assets.
3. Patent aggregators a new class which aggregates patent purchases and then provideslow-cost patent licenses to member companies.

Brokers are used when potential buyers (1) have different needs, and (2) require specialized or hard to obtain information to make the purchase and price decisions.